Facilities Cas Abao Beach

For only USD 3/ Nafl. 5,00 you can rent one of our comfortable beach chairs on which you can lay all day long. In case you do not want to sit in the direct sun for too long, we have over 18 palapas providing shade.

Close to the bar we also have men’s and women’s restrooms which can also be used as changing rooms.

We have two showers on the beach near the restrooms. If you rent a beach chair, you can collect a shower token upon the presentation of the chair ticket at the bar. Need more coins? No problem, they are available for purchase for US$ 0.25 / Nafl. 0,50 each.

Parking, Wifi, Beach Bar & Terrace

When you arrive at the beach, you can park on our extensive on-site parking in a natural country setting, providing you with convenient beach access.

Wifi is available for free around the beach bar. Kindly request the password with the staff there.

For the coldest beers & ice cream, the best coffee or tea, the most delicious cocktails or snacks and simple lunches, a visit to our beach bar is a must!

The bar is open from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Kompa Leon and Cash in guilders, dollars or euros.

Diving & Watersports

Cas Abao beach has one of the most unique spots for snorkeling and/or scuba diving, just ask Brigitte, the owner of B Diving & Watersports, located on the far right corner of the beach. She has been taking guests out on dives since 2006 and started her own Diveshop in 2014. Brigitte and her crew know all the secret spots where you can find the most beautiful corals, creatures and a big and colorful variation of fishes big or small; even sometimes the elusive seahorse or some well-hidden frogfish are to be found on the house reef!

You don’t have to be a scuba diver to be able to enjoy the marine life that abounds in Cas Abao’s turquoise waters, snorkeling along the cliff and the reef just above the drop off you can also enjoy a clear view below. And for those who don’t feel comfortable swimming so close to the fish, they can also enjoy the beautiful view while paddling on stand up paddle boards or a double seated ocean kayak, clearly the best seat in the house!

B-Diving offers PADI scuba diving and free-diving courses for beginners to advanced, as well as equipment rental and boat and shore diving trips at nearby beaches.

For more information take a look at the website of B-diving via the link below:

Sensi Spa Beach Massage

Come and relax at the waterside of Cas Abao beach. The most relaxing experience you can have while visiting Curacao. Sensi Spa offers a wide range of massages and spa treatments. “Sensi” stands for “senses”. A massage at Sensi Spa is a truly unique experience because you can indulge with all your senses, you hear the sound of the waves, you smell the aromatic oils, you feel the ocean breeze and the warm hands of the masseuse, you breathe the ocean air.

Sensi spa is open year round from 11 AM till 5 PM.

You can find all the information about our treatments and prices at the link below: